Knight Crusader Award

This award is designed in such a way as to assist our Oklahoma Commanderies by providing a template for success.  Most Commanderies are probably already doing much of this work and, if properly documented, are most likely already eligible for this special recognition.  If your Commandery is not doing many of the items/work listed in this program, we might suggest that working them into your Commandery could go a long way towards assuring you success.  We hope this program will reignite your Sir Knights’ enthusiasm and make you more visible in your communities.

Category 1 (Administrative):  This should be among the easiest to complete.  Most are regular duties/ jobs that should already be a part of your Commanderies program.  If you are not presently holding public installations, please consider doing so.  This is an excellent opportunity to invite family, friends, and brothers who have not yet experienced the York Rite a chance to get a glimpse of who we are.  Also, every Commandery has members who are worthy of recognition.  So please take the time to nominate these Sir Knights for the Knight Templar Cross of Honor.  Every Commandery should also participate in our Holy Land Pilgrimage by nominating a pastor from the area.

Category 2 (Participation):  Some of the easiest requirements in this category relate to attendance at stated meetings (Conclaves), Dias Officers attending Grand Sessions, and participation in the KTEF Life Sponsorship Program.  In this category, we also challenge you to get outside of your asylum by participating in Public events, parades, flag ceremonies, cornerstones etc..

Category 3 (Ritualistic Proficiency):  While this is one of the more challenging categories, it is also one of the most important.  As Knights Templar, we have enlisted under the banner of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  The Orders we have ownership of and are custodians for center around Christ’s birth, Life while here on earth, his death, and resurrection.  We should work towards performing these Orders at a level of proficiency worthy of our Lord and Savior and the Captain of our Salvation.

Every Commandery, just as every Lodge, should be able, at a minimum, to properly open, receive the REGC, and close.  If you need assistance in this area please get with your OIC to schedule a school of instruction.

The most demanding item in this category is standing a full inspection, which will include: inspecting the Recorders office, opening in Class A or Class B, Receiving the REGC, and closing the Commandery.  Adding item 7, which is participation in the Order of the Temple competition, gives your Commandery a chance to develop a sense of teamwork through practices leading up to the competition and, hopefully, a sense of pride in knowing you have done your very best!

Category 4 (Education):  This is a fantastic way to keep your members engaged and promote ways to enrich the Templar experience by reading and studying the Orders and scriptures contained therein.  Again, this category also lends itself to including your family and friends as the four required observances can all be performed in a public forum, which could include a meal, affording your Commandery another opportunity to get in the public eye.  Open houses are also a great way to introduce the public to Masonry and Templary as well.

Category 5  (Membership):  One area we all fall short in is visiting our area lodges and putting on a short program promoting the York Rite.  You would be amazed at how productive a brief 10-minute presentation can be.  So get out and visit your area lodges, host an open house, find ways to get outside your asylum, and get into the public eye.  Present the colors at a local ballgame, flag day, or parade, just to name a few.  Get out and visit with members who allowed themselves to go suspended.  Find out why they left and encourage them to come back and give us another try!

Category 6  (Degree Conferrals):  This is a great way to have some fun and educate your members at the same time.  Get out your ritual books and walk through our Orders.  Maybe take a small section each meeting.  Walk through it and discuss what is being addressed/taught in each section of each Order.

In summary, this program was developed to give you, the Sir Knights of Oklahoma, a tool/template to use in order to get your Commandery back to work, have fun, and at the same time Glorify Jesus Christ our Savior.  We wish you all the success in the world and are here to support you along the way.

In Hoc Signo Vinces!



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