Grand Council Officers for the 2024 – 2025 Cryptic Year

Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of Oklahoma

Grand Council Officer Picture
To Be Posted Soon

James R. Taylor, Jr. [22]Most Illustrious Grand Master
Brian M. Ragain [21]Right Illustrious Deputy Grand Master
Michael S. Wright [11, 61]Right Illustrious Grand Principal Conductor of the Work
Kenton M. Israel [18, 25]
Elwood M. Isaacs [22, 41]
Right Illustrious Grand Treasurer
Right Illustrious Grand Treasurer (Emeritus)
Jon B. Greene [22]
Gary A. Davis [22]
Right Illustrious Grand Recorder
Right Illustrious Grand Recorder (Emeritus)
Matthew D. McGee [43]Right Illustrious Grand Captain of the Guard
Ryan R. Frederick [50]Illustrious Grand Conductor of the Council
James D. Nobles [18]Illustrious Grand Marshal
Rick A. Moore [2]Illustrious Grand Steward
Michael D. Maxey [22]Illustrious Grand Sentinel
George W. Ratliff [22]Illustrious Grand Chaplain

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