Chapter Awards and Past Recipients

Joseph Samuel Murrow Award

This award honors the living companions who have rendered exceptional and unusual service while at the same time paying tribute to our first Grand High Priest, who is universally known as the “Father of Oklahoma Masonry”. 

Constituent Chapters of this Grand Chapter may recommend its members as candidates for this Award under the following conditions:

  • Nominees for this award shall be Companions who have given of their time, talents, and/or substance without the hope of fee or reward over and beyond the call of duty.
  • Nominees for this award shall not now be serving or have previously served as an elective officer of the Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M.; the Grand Chapter R.A.M.; the Grand Council C.M. or the Grand Commandery K.T. of the Grand Jurisdiction of Oklahoma, or any other Grand Jurisdiction.
  • Appointive line officers of the Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M., the Grand Chapter R.A.M., the Grand Council C.M., and the Grand Commandery K.T. of this Grand Jurisdiction shall not be eligible to be nominated until one year after the expiration date of such appointment

Bronze Distinguished Service Medal

In 1951, the General Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons established the Distinguished Service Medal in Bronze to be awarded yearly to a Royal Arch Mason in each Grand Chapter affiliated with the General Grand Chapter. This Medal is given in recognition of the recipient’s outstanding and meritorious service. Each Grand Chapter nominates the Companion to receive the Award for his Distinguished Service; the award is made in the name of the General Grand Chapter; the only provision being that a Grand or Past Grand Officer of the Grand Chapter shall not be eligible for the same.

Ephraim Kirby Award

This award is named for the first Most Excellent General Grand High Priest of the General Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons, who served from 1798-1804.

This prestigious award serves as an opportunity to recognize special Companions who have attained past presiding rank in their Grand York Rite bodies (Lodge, Chapter, Council, Commandery) and who have then gone on to continue their work and commitment to service even beyond the term of their office, or beyond the normal boundaries of dedication. A Custodian, appointed for each constituent Grand Chapter, selects and nominates candidates whom they determine merit this award. The recipients must be Royal Arch Masons in good standing. In the first year (2014), up to three candidates may be recipients; in the second year, two; and subsequently one annually.

The jewel, shown above, is suspended from a red grosgrain ribbon and is worn under the collar and under a bow tie or over a necktie. Pinned on the ribbon above the jewel is a metal device inscribed “Ephraim Kirby Award.”

Silver Distinguished Service Medal

The General Grand Chapter Distinguished Service Medal (Silver) is presented for the performance of outstanding service for the York Rite, but particularly for Royal Arch Masonry, within a particular York Rite Region.

Nominations may be made by any Royal Arch Mason or by a Grand Chapter, submitted through the Deputy General Grand High Priest for the York Rite Region where the proposed recipient holds his membership. Such applications shall be forwarded by the Deputy General Grand High Priest to the General Grand Secretary for action by the General Grand Royal Arch Council. Nominations shall be accompanied by a resume of the Royal Arch Service of the proposed recipient and a brief biographical statement.

This award is presented only once during each Triennium to a Royal Arch Mason of one of the affiliated Grand Jurisdictions of each York Rite Region. Not more than three such Silver Medals also may be presented at the Triennial Convocation from selection at large.

Gold Distinguished Service Medal

The General Grand Chapter Distinguished Service Medal (Gold) is presented by the General Grand Chapter for outstanding national or international achievement in the Arts and Sciences, in Public Service, and in Business and the Learned Professions. Not more than one medal may be presented each year.

Recipients shall be selected when the following qualifications are met: The recipient must be a Royal Arch Mason and must qualify for the following reasons:

  • One Medal is to be presented for outstanding activity in Public Service;
  • One Medal for outstanding contributions in the field of Arts and Sciences, and;
  • One Medal for outstanding Business Achievements.

Recommendations are sent directly to the General Grand High Priest, who in turn, will consult with the Dias General Grand Officers regarding his final decision


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