Oklahoma York Rite Festivals


Become a  Royal Arch and Cryptic Mason, and a Knight Templar after the timeless and rich heritage of operative Masonry!

Attending one of these festivals a great opportunity for any Master Mason to continue their Masonic journey by first becoming Royal Arch Masons,  thereby fulfilling the Second Landmark of Freemasonry, progressing through the Council Degrees, and for Christian Master Masons to take part in the most beautiful and inspiring of all the degrees and orders of Freemasonry by becoming  Knights Templar .

Click here for a petition and bring it with you to the first day of the Festival for what you wish to take part. For further information, please refer to our contact page.


The following Regional Festivals for the coming year  have been scheduled.  Please continue to check back for further updates.

Central Oklahoma Regional Festivals

Chapter and Council DegreesFebruary 3, 2018Location TBD
Commandery OrdersFebruary 17, 2018Location TBD

North-East Regional Festivals

Chapter and Council DegreesFebruary 24, 2018Eastgate Masonic Center, Tulsa
Commandery OrdersMarch 10, 2018Eastgate Masonic Center, Tulsa

South-Central Regional Festivals

Chapter and Council DegreesMarch 24, 2018 (Tentative)Ardmore Masonic Lodge #31

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