Grand Council of Anointed High Priests of Oklahoma

It is the duty of every companion as soon after his election to the office of High Priest as is consistent with his personal convenience, to apply for admission to the order of High Priesthood, that he may be fully qualified properly to govern his Chapter.
The Masonic Manual, Robert Macoy, 1867

The Order holds an annual meeting, called a “Convention,” each summer to confer the degrees, hold elections and conduct business. The degree team which confers the Holy Order of High Priesthood is comprised entirely of Past Grand High Priests.

OUR NEXT MEETING DATE IS: August 17, 2024 at 9:00 am
Frontier Lodge No. 48, 322 W. Miller Avenue, Stillwater, OK

2023-2024 Officers

Most Excellent President – Brian Buswell
Vice President – Brian Ragain
Chaplain – George Ratliff
Recorder/Treasurer James R. Taylor, Jr.,  PMEGHP 2016-2017
Master of Ceremonies – Blaine McKnight
Conductor – Jim Cloud
Herald – Matt McGee
Steward – Mike Wright
Sentinel – Mark McFadden

Past Presidents

1891-1901Robert W. Hill
Edmond H. Doyle*
Isham H. G. Hulme
William H. Essex
Richard E. Newhouse
Wilbert B. Boggs
James C. Abernathy
Kenneth D. Buckley
1995-1996James O. Rust, Jr
1996-1997Paul G. Watkins
1997-1998Elwood M. Isaacs
1998-1999Charles L .Stuckey
1999-2000Rex L. Bowen
2000-2001Glenn H. Kinsley
2001-2002David A. Ray
2002-2003Newell Barker
2003-2004Earl L. Berryman, Jr.
2004-2005Jimmie R. Dooley
2005-2006Robert G. Davis
2006-2007I. Dwayne Dixon
2007-2008O. Ray Harrington
2008-2009Raymond J. Lutomski, Jr.
2009-2010Hollis O. Edgar
2010-2011Mark A. Critchfield
2011-2012Timothy P. Israel
2012-2013James E. Smyrl
2013-2014Donnie G. Higginbotham
2014-2015Ronald L. Carr
2015-2016Robert R. Rolseth
2016-2017Troy E. Shipman
2017-2018Kenton M. Israel
2018-2019Daniel D. Hanttula
2019-2020James R. Taylor, Jr.
2020-2021Clyde H. Schoolfield, Jr.
2021-2022John F. Carter
2022-2023Bradley S. Rickelman

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