Council of Thrice Illustrious Masters of Oklahoma

The Council holds an annual meeting each summer to confer the degrees, hold elections, and conduct business.

OUR NEXT MEETING DATE IS: August 17, 2024 at 10:30 am
Frontier Lodge No. 48, 322 W. Miller Avenue, Stillwater, OK

2023-2024 Officers

Thrice Illustrious Master – John Christopher
Thrice Illustrious Senior Warden – Bob Rolseth
Thrice Illustrious Junior Warden – Kent Israel
Thrice Illustrious Registrar-Treasurer – James R. Taylor, Jr.,  MTIM
Thrice Illustrious Steward – Mark McFadden
Thrice Illustrious Sentinel – Mike Wright

Past Thrice Illustrious Masters

1944-1949Clarence Brain*2001-2002Paul G. Watkins*
1949-1963W. King Larrimore*2002-2003Monte G. Hendrix*
1963-1964William H. Powell*2003-2004Gary D. Rodriguez*
1964-1965Hayward H. Skaggs*2004-2005Willis L. Emerson*
1965-1966John C. Barnard*2005-2006Bobby L. Carter*
1966-1967Ansel M. Crowder*2006-2007John D. Miller, Jr.*
1967-1968Lewis H. Wheeler*2007-2008James E. Smyrl*
1968-1969Wilbert B. Boggs*2008-2009William D. Williams
1969-1970Cleo A. Walton*2009-2010Robert G. Davis
1970-1971Oscar W. Swanson*2010-2011James W. Mahan*
1971-1973Kenneth M. Blakley*2011-2012Donnie G. Higginbotham
1973-1976Robert E. Fielden*2012-2013Troy E. Shipman*
1976-1979John W. Steward*2013-2014Timothy P. Israel
1979-1982Herbert O. Nelson*2014-2015Matthew D. McGee
1982-1985Carl R. Burrows*2015-2016Andrew B. Palmer
1985-1986James C. Taylor*2016-2017James R. Taylor, Jr.
1986-1987John C. Shanklin*2017-2018William J. Cloud
1987-1988Barry C. Spradling*2018-2019William H. Pearce
1988-1989Eugene Smith*2019-2020Clyde H. Schoolfield, Jr.
1989-1990Donald M. Keiser*2020-2021Larry D. White
1990-1991O. Ray Harrington*2021-2022James D. Nobles
1991-1992Ralph L. Tucker*2022-2023Mathew A. Turner
1992-1993Don L. Turley*
1993-1994Donald W. Rimmer*
1994-1995Donald H. Haralson*
1995-1996Rex L. Bowen*
1996-1997Glenn Tuttle*
1997-1998Elwood M. Isaacs
1998-1999Jack L. Sterett*
1999-2000David A. Ray
2000-2001Earl L. Berryman, Jr.*
* - Deceased

For inquiries, please contact the Registrar at

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