Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of Oklahoma

Grand Officers for 2012-2013

William Pearce (22)
M:.I:. Grand Master
John L. Logan (52)
R:.I:. Deputy Grand Master
Marvin Chamberlin (3)
R:.I:. Grand P.C.W.
Elwood M. Isaacs (55)
R:.I:. Grand Treasurer
Gary A. Davis (22)
R:.I:. Grand Recorder
Larry D. White (22)
R:.I:. Captain of the Guard
Charles A. Downing (2)
Illustrious Grand Conductor of Council
Dan Hanttula (27)
Illustrious Grand Marshall
John E. King (33)
Illustrious Grand Steward
Harvey C. Johnson (2)
Illustrious Grand Sentinel
Troy E. Shipman (3)
Illustrious Grand Chaplain